Saturday, December 03, 2005


Nokia N90: review

Gadgets Weblog has reviewed the Nokia N90.

It's a "tiny bit too big" to carry around, but it isn't one of those big cellphones that look bad, the design of the N90 looks very good and the features included make up for the size.

The camera is pretty good, both photos and videos are top quality for a cellphone with a 2 Megapixel camera. The N90
European Media Phone of the Year award by EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) was well given. I will post the photos later and compare with a Motorolla that has a 1.3MP camera (it's the other only phone I have available) to check the difference.

Read more about this mobile phone at gadgets weblog

Samsung and Sprint introduced 2 new multimedia phones

Sprint and Samsung introduced two new handsets, the Sprint Power Vision Phone MM-A920 (photo under) by Samsung and the Sprint Power Vision Phone MM-A900 (photo on top) by Samsung. Harnessing the speed of Sprint's Power Vision EVDO network, Samsung's MM-A900 and MM-A920 handsets enable customers to access the latest news, music and entertainment content at broadband-like speeds.

New services supported by both the MM-A900 and the MM-A920 include the newly announced Sprint Music Store, which allows users to immediately buy and download complete songs directly to their phone. "The MM-A900 and MM-A920 offer great-looking design with the ability to download a rich selection of content directly to the phone. Features like external music-navigation keys make these phones both functional and attractive," said Jeff Hallock, vice president of product marketing and marketing strategy for Sprint. "With services that are unrivaled in the industry, these handsets are sure to be at the top of many holiday wish lists."

The MM-A920, with its embedded music player and external music navigation controls, provides access to thousands of songs for instant download and easy access. With an expansion slot that houses up to 512MB of TransFLASH memory, the MM-A920 allows music lovers to easily store and transfer their favorite tunes, images and videos.

Measuring just over a half-inch thick, the ultra-compact MM-A900 is the thinnest Power Vision phone available from Sprint. Made of magnesium, a lightweight metal, the handset's unique look and feel will delight the fashion-conscious user. In addition, the sleek handset's large, crisp display and stereo speakers are ideal for watching live TV with full-motion video with vivid sound.

Both phones include numerous powerful features including:

- 1.3 mega-pixel camera/camcorder with a flash and zoom
- PictBridge-enabled printing capabilities
- Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free connectivity
- Phone-as-modem capabilities

The MM-A900 and MM-A920 will be available on Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 and respectively in Sprint stores or at at a retail price of $349 before available rebates. Additional information on Sprint Power Vision packages and pricing is also available at

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Nokia 6233: 3G performance in a sleek package

During its annual Capital Market Days event for investors and financial analysts, Nokia today unveiled the Nokia 6233, a classically designed model tailored for business and entertainment. The sleek 110-gram, 81-cc model offers a 2 megapixel camera, a 320 x 240 QVGA color screen, digital music player, stereo speakers and a wide array of features and applications which take advantage of WCDMA services. Featuring a stainless steel frame and an improved, intuitive menu structure, the Nokia 6233 (WCDMA 2100 / GSM 900/1800/1900) is expected to begin shipping in the 2nd quarter of 2006, and is expected to retail for approximately ?325, before applicable taxes or subsidies.

"Despite being one of our smallest WCDMA phones to date, the Nokia 6233 is no lightweight when it comes to performance," says Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "The Nokia 6233 builds on the formula that made the Nokia 6230i so popular - a classically-designed, feature-rich device together with an intuitive, easy to use interface. As 3G gains even greater mass-market attraction, we are confident the Nokia 6233 will also be extremly popular with consumers."

The latest Nokia model phone to feature the Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition, the Nokia 6233 ensures that 3G services and applications can be accessed easily and intuitively. Supporting the latest messaging, browsing, music and video standards, the Nokia 6233 features a brilliant 320 x 240 QVGA display, with an 'Active Standby Mode' that gives immediate access to the most-used applications.

With the Nokia 6233, the mobile office is a few keystrokes away. To be sure an appointment is never missed and the phonebook is always up to date, the Nokia 6233 easily synchronizes calendars, contacts, and to-do lists via SyncML. To print your favorite images or to connect with a headset or car kit, the Nokia 6233 offers Bluetooth wireless technology for quick and easy data transfer and connectivity.

Moreover the Nokia 6233 is compatible with the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-56, also announced today. Featuring an integrated antenna for enhanced reception, the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-56 supports connection to Nokia car kits and charges the phone's battery when placed in the holder.

In addition to having all the latest features to stay connected to work, the Nokia 6233 doesn't forget how to have fun. With exciting new 3G services, such as streaming multimedia audio and video content, consumers can download the latest business news as well as sports highlights of the game they missed. Consumers on-the-go can quickly upload and download large files - including downloadable games, videos or MP3 or AAC ringtones. Music lovers can connect a pair of headphones and scan through their favorite music albums, thanks to the Nokia 6233's hotswappable microSD memory card support of up to 2 GB. A Visual Radio client and built-in stereo speakers offering 3-D sound complements the audio experience.

The Nokia 6233 offers more than 4 hours of talk time on GSM networks (more than 3 hours of talk time via WCDMA) and up to 2 weeks of standby time.

Nokia 6234 introduced

Nokia introduces Nokia 6234, feature-filled 3G mobile phone exclusively for Vodafone.

In connection with its annual Capital Market Days event, Nokia today unveiled the 3G-enabled Nokia 6234. Featuring a 2-megapixel camera, a 320 x 240 QVGA color screen, digital music player, stereo speakers and a wide array of features and applications which take advantage of WCDMA mobile broadband services, the Nokia 6234 will be available exclusively for Vodafone customers world-wide. The stylish and classic Nokia 6234 (WCDMA 2100 / GSM 900/1800/1900) is expected to begin shipping in the 1st quarter of 2006.

"The Nokia 6234 for Vodafone is an excellent example of Nokia's renewed commitment to operator customization -- a cornerstone of Nokia's strategy," says Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "The operator-exclusive Nokia 6234 offers a familiar design and Nokia's intuitive, easy-to-use menu structure, complemented by Vodafone's signature colors, graphics and easy access to Vodafone's wide range of 3G services. It's an ideal balance."

In addition to the operator exclusive industrial design, the Nokia 6234 offers an array of Vodafone-specific software features. These include Vodafone graphics, icons, menu texts and themes in the user interface offering a unique look and feel to the easy-to-use Nokia menu. Equally important, the Nokia 6234 provides branded access to Vodafone's services. Additionally, the Nokia 6234 features Vodafone start-up and shut-down graphics and tones, customized wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones.

"We have worked very closely with Nokia over the last two years, with particular focus on developing more terminals which are Vodafone live! enabled," says Peter Bamford, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone. "We are now taking that to another level with the Nokia 6234. For the first time, we have a mobile phone designed by Nokia that is exclusive to Vodafone. The fact that it is a 3G product is all the more important."

For consumers, the 3G-enabled Nokia 6234 offers a 2-megapixel camera with 8x zoom, operational in landscape mode. With this, the Nokia 6234 allows for pictures to be taken on the spot while the video sharing functionality allows to mutually enjoy special moments instantaneously. The bright QVGA screen displays pictures and multimedia content such as videos and websites in a compelling and colorful way.

The Nokia 6234 holds an impressive music experience, to be enjoyed via the built-in stereo speakers with 3-D sound effects or headphones. Supporting microSD memory cards of up to 2 GB, the Nokia 6234 puts a collection of consumers' favorite albums right into their pockets. A Visual Radio client complements the audio experience of the Nokia 6234.

With Bluetooth Wireless Technology, the Nokia 6234 easily transfers pictures taken to any compatible printer and seamlessly connects to a wide assortment of Bluetooth enabled headsets and car kits. Unifying easy-to-use imaging capabilities with music on the go and 3G services like video sharing, the Nokia 6234 offers up to 4 hours of talk time on GSM networks (up to 3 hours of talk time via WCDMA) and up to 2 weeks of standby time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9: review

Shams Tarek has reviewed this digital camera from Panasonic. The camera is a snappy performer speedwise, but photographes with a critical eye will pause at the less than stellar photo quality.

The good:
- optical stabilization improves low-light shooting without flash
- jewel-like design and build
- decent color rendition
- snappy performance

The bad:
- some minor lens aberrations
- image-processing artifacts
- several controls and icons don't make sense without manual

read more

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Nokia 9300i

This smartphone just got smarter: The new Nokia 9300i is well connected with WLAN and a variety of email solutions.

Joins the Nokia 9300 enterprise smartphone and other Nokia business devices designed to excite and empower the 'inbox' crowd.

Nokia today expanded its business device portfolio with an addition to its high-end smartphone range, the Nokia 9300i. Incorporating WLAN connectivity with a full keyboard, 65,536-color screen, support for a broad range of enterprise email solutions and an attachment viewer, the Nokia 9300i is the perfect combination of design and function and is ideally suited to meet the tough demands of mobile professionals.

With the addition of WLAN connectivity, the Nokia 9300i enhances productivity by providing a reliable and cost-effective data connection for downloading large files or email1 with attachments. 80 MB of memory capacity (expandable up to 2GB with an optional MMC card) provides ample space for file storage, and the wide color screen makes it easy to view different types of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and web sites. Add outstanding voice capabilities and the Nokia 9300i enterprise smartphone is a great all-in-one device.

"Nokia continues to offer more choices for individuals looking for fully featured smartphones built specifically for business use," said Niklas Savander, senior vice president of Nokia's business device unit for the Enterprise Solutions business group. "Our business customers want continuity as well as a constant stream of improvements in our products. The Nokia 9300i delivers just that as it combines WLAN and other features with a suite of powerful applications and email solutions."

The Nokia 9300i smartphone supports E-GPRS (EDGE) and WLAN 802.11g, five party conference calling via an integrated speakerphone and multiple email clients (with attachments), including BlackBerry Connect, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile. The Nokia 9300i smartphone also integrates infrared and Bluetooth capabilities, giving users two different ways to wirelessly synchronize their devices to a desktop PC or laptop, as well as exchange data with other mobile devices.

Planned availability for the Nokia 9300i smartphone is Q1 2006. Nokia will offer one tri-band version of the Nokia 9300i optimized for mobile networks in Europe and Asia (900/1800/1900 MHz) and capable of operating in compatible GSM networks in the Americas.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Samsung develops largest flexible LCD Panel

Samsung Electronics Co., announced today that it has developed the world's largest transmissive TFT LCD (thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display), with sufficiently high resolution to display digital television content.

The seven-inch, 640x480 (VGA-standard) flexible display uses a transparent plastic substrate that is thinner, lighter and more durable than the conventional LCD glass panels used today. Moreover, the full-color transmissive LCD panel maintains a constant thickness even when it is bent.

Considered the next-generation in flat panel displays, this technology involves the use of pliable plastic instead of rigid glass substrates in TFT-LCD production. The plastic will not break when flexed, allowing much greater freedom in commercial designs requiring flexible full-color, high-resolution display components. The seven-inch flexible TFT-LCD is optimized for mobility applications, including cell phones and notebook computers. System designers and OEMs also may apply the advanced Samsung display technology to new applications, such as fashion-enhancing or wearable electronic display designs, thanks to its differentiated flexible format.

The new display is double the size of Samsung's five-inch flexible LCD display prototype announced in January 2005.

With this advancement, Samsung has overcome daunting problems involving the plastic substrate's heat sensitivity including a previous challenge to maintain the display's substrate thickness when subjected to typical commercial thermal conditions. Samsung developed a low-temperature processing technique that can be used to manufacture the display's amorphous thin-film transistors, color filters and liquid crystals at process temperatures much lower than standard glass-based, amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology.

Drawing on technology adopted for the production of low-temperature (less than 130 degrees Celsius) a-Si TFT LCD and color filter, Samsung's proprietary LCD technology minimizes substrate deformation by preventing not only changes in thickness but also distortion of images by binding two extremely-thin panels together through a new proprietary system design.

The latest flexible LCD panel was developed under a three-year program funded by Samsung Electronics' next-generation display development group under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, supported by Samsung's Corporate Research Fund.

Specification of Samsung 7" a-Si TFT-LCD Model:

Display Mode: Transmissive
Screen Size (diagonal): 7 inches"
Resolution: 640 x 480 x RBG (114 ppi)
Aperture Ratio: 40 percent
Brightness: 100 nit
Color Saturation: 60 percent (of NTSC)

Samsung SPH-V6800 announced

Samsung Korea today announced the introduction of their new SPH-V6800 WiFi enabled multimedia handset.

- 2" QVGA TFT display
- 1.3MP digital camera
- MPEG-4 video recording
- MP3 / AAC audio playback
- voice recognition
- video-on-demand
- TV-output
- built-in Wi-Fi wireless 802.11b LAN
- 96.8 x 47 x 24.5 mm form-factor.

It will cost around $ 477

Zen Micro Photo: review

Sindre Lia has reviewed Creative's Zen Micro Photo. Harbouring an intriguing OLED colour display and good-looking, intuitive menu system, the Creative Zen Micro Photo is at first sight a must-have audio player, she says.

- colourful OLED display
- slick and rapid user interface

- overly sensitive touch pad
- poor bass performance

Read more at infosyncworld

Sunday, November 27, 2005


USB slippers

You know it: you are working on your pc and you get cold feets. It's really annoying! But with the USB slippers this problem solved. You just have to plug in your USB slippers into your pc and enjoy the warm feeling.

Dell Axim X51v: Review

Bonnie Cha has reviewed this PDA from Dell, the Axim X51v. The Dell Axim X51 series offers a nice combination of features, but we were disappointed by the subpar battery life, he says.

- boasts Windows Mobile 5
- integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- dual expansion slots
- and a user-replaceable battery

- bad battery life

Read more at cnet.

LG VX5200: Review

Kendra Wall has reviewed the LG VX 5200 cell phone. The LG VX5200 is a great lightweight option for the consumer on the go and a strong follow-up to the LG VX6100, she says.

- compelling voice-activation menu
- easy-to-use camera
- speakerphone
- analog roaming
- solid performance with strong talk-time battery life

- poor display quality
- overly large antenna
- lack of video support on the camera
- caller-ID photos don't show up on the external display

Read more at cnet

HP Photosmart R817: Review

David English has reviewed this digital camera from HP. The Photosmart R817 is one of HP's recent efforts to cram its mi of image-enhancing technologies into an inexpensive pocket-size camer, he says.

- 5X optical zoom
- context-sensitive advice
- Adaptive Lighting feature
- manual exposure modes
- postcapture red-eye removal
- compatible with HP's Instant Share system

- excessive visual noise in some photos
- flimsy lens cover
- long recharge time for battery
- no optical viewfinder

Read more at cnet.

iRiver U10: Review

Everythingusb has posted a review from the iRiver U10 (1GB). Words cannot express how nifty it is, they say.

- Multi-function extravaganza
- tiny
- excellent interface and controls
- super battery life

- Limited to 512MB or 1GB
- expensive
- video limited to 15fps in a single format

Read more

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