Friday, October 21, 2005


Creative Zen Photo available

The Creative Zen Photo is now available in the US, writes Engadget.

The Zen Photo with 8 GB HDD is available for $ 250.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


7 Ways GPS Can Save You Time, Money, Your Mind, and Even Your Life

by Simon Wyryzowski

Here are 7 ways to save with GPS:

1. Have a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost! Devices such as the Garmin Forerunner GPS provides a way to keep track of the time, speed, distance, and pace information for athletic activities. It also provides a way to measure the amount of calories burned based on a variety of customizable personal options and factors.

2. Save on Gas, brake wear, etc on your car as you drive more efficiently.

3. Find where you want to go faster: important business meetings, life events, but also to save your own time so you can use the balance to be with your loved ones.

4. Gain peace of mind knowing where your children are, whether your elderly parents have wandered off, or when and where your family pet has wandered off your premises.

5. Save money on your car insurance. Some auto insurance providers, in return for allowing them to implement GPS tracking devices on your car, can help you reduce your premiums.

6. Run a more efficient business with time tracking of employees and prevent lost company time and money.

7. And the most important reason is that GPS can help save your life from reckless driving, etc. Such as providing voice prompts when you are approaching your specific destination, warnings that you are going over the speed limit, advanced notice of potential accident blackspots, etc.

Two more bonus reasons on how GPS won't make a significant dent in your wallet

1. Don't have to worry about new models coming out every few months like the PC. 1 Decent model from Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance should last the typical user many years.

2. No monthly fees like internet, GPS Signals are free like radio waves. You just need a receiver. Advanced features such as tracking services are different (i.e. for your children, elderly, your valuable possessions, and your pets, and may cost a nominal monthly fee depending on the service provider and your needs whether commercial or private.

These are just some of the ways you can benefit it time/money savings as an individual. And just a few ways for you to get a good Return on Investment for your business.


Remember, that technology will NEVER subsitute basic common sense such as teaching your kids about personal safety, being a safe driver, etc. The best technology for all those starts within your own brain and senses. No matter what the big companies tell you, never let technology replace your own judgment but rather to complement and help refocus it.

Also just because GPS makes it simple to track your employees for instance, doesn't mean there are no human barriers to overcome such as the trust factor. It's important to explain to your employees in a manner that allows them to understand the business savings and benefits of incorporating such a tracking system, and is not designed to compromise their privacy and integrity. This applies to family members as well. If you think your family pet has issues with privacy then you may need to convince him/her if applicable.

About the Author
Not a techno geek or have direct access to one? Visit
Simon Wyryzowki's regularly updated blog with quality information without the fluff or extensive sales pitches. Get up and running in no time with GPS tracking services for people including your children and elderly, etc.

Review: Olympus Stylus 800

This first 8 megapixel digital camera from Olympus is reviewed by DP Review. The Stylus 800 has a fantastic screen, it's weatherproof and it's fast.

You can read the whole revieuw at DP Review.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Nokia 7380, Nokia 7370 and Nokia 7360

Continuing to push the boundaries of mobile phone design, Nokia has introduced a collection of three trend-inspired mobile phones, the Nokia 7360, Nokia 7370 and Nokia 7380. Each model in the L'Amour Collection offers a beautiful mix of contrasts - infusing cultural and ethnic influences with luxurious touches of the unexpected. Hints of vintage and craftsmanship, are fused with natural materials, colors and patterns, all carefully crafted and layered with a passion for detail.

"For many consumers, the mobile phone has truly become an extension of their personal style - it is a fashion statement as well as an advanced communications device," says Alastair Curtis, Vice President of Design at Nokia's Mobile Phones division. "Every detail of these products, from the nature-inspired graphics to the velvet-lined pouches, has been carefully considered with the style-conscious individual in mind. We are very confident that consumers who appreciate design and attention to detail will fall in love with the L'Amour Collection."

In the design and development of the L'Amour Collection, Nokia's Design team looked to materials such as amber, ceramic, turquoise, silk and enamel for inspiration. Craft techniques, such as enamelling and etching, added a creative spark to the graphics, materials, finishes and colors selected for each model in the collection.

Nokia 7380: A reflection of discerning taste

Sleek and seductive, the etched mirrored surface and discreet keyless dial of the
Nokia 7380 invites glances, even stares. A leather cover and a mirrored display subtly mask the sophisticated technology, which includes a 2-megapixel camera and intuitive voice dialing. The centrepiece of the L'Amour Collection, the Nokia 7380 is aimed at trend-setting men and women who enjoy being the centre of attention - and are willing to spend a little extra on the finer things in life.

Key features:
- Keyless dial
- 2-megapixel camera, 4x zoom
- Enhanced Voice Commands
- MP3 player

The estimated retail price of the Nokia 7380 is expected to be approximately €500, excluding taxes and subsidies. The Nokia 7380 is expected to be available in Q1, 2006.

Nokia 7370: Designed to make heads 'turn'

Offering a touch of the unexpected, the Nokia 7370 "swivels" open to reveal its elegantly hidden keypad. Beautiful patterns, etched into the elegant metal trims, are contrasted by leather-inspired faceplates, adding a romantic appeal and an element of the exotic. But it's not just about looks - advanced features, like a 1.3-megapixel camera and 3D sound effects, ensure the Nokia 7370 matches current technology with the latest design trends.

The Nokia 7370 is available in two color schemes, coffee brown and warm amber, with each model offering a distinct set of graphics, screensavers and even dedicated camera keys.

Key features:
- 1.3 megapixel camera, 8x zoom
- 2-inch QVGA color screen (320 x 240 pixels)
- Stereo speakers with 3D sound effects
- Video ring tones

The estimated retail price of the Nokia 7370 is expected to be approximately €300, excluding taxes and subsidies. The Nokia 7370 is expected to be available in Q1, 2006.

Nokia 7360: Charming, graceful and compact

Materials, graphics and color palette ensure this charming mobile phone stands out in a crowd. Trend-conscious men and women will appreciate the Nokia 7360's mixture of patterns and textures, which are perfectly complemented by elegant accessories, including straps and carrying pouches.

The Nokia 7360 is also available in the two signature L'Amour Collection color schemes, coffee brown and warm amber. Each model has a distinct set of graphics, screensavers and accessories.

Key features:
- Integrated VGA camera
- Stereo FM radio
- MP3 ring tones

The estimated retail price of the Nokia 7360 is expected to be approximately €200, excluding taxes and subsidies. The Nokia 7360 is expected to be available in Q1, 2006.

The Nokia 7360, Nokia 7370 and Nokia 7380 will meet the requirements of the upcoming EU environmental legislation (RoHS, 2002/95/EC). The legislation will take effect in July 2006.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Motorola Introduces Next Generation of 3G Handsets

Motorola today unveiled its next generation of 3G/UMTS mobile handsets, which are launching first with operators in Europe and Asia. The Motorola RAZR V3x, the E770v and the E1070 underscore Motorola’s commitment to 3G/UMTS by providing the very latest technology coupled with industry-leading design innovation.

The introduction of the RAZR V3x unites the power of 3G/UMTS technology with the world acclaimed RAZR clamshell design. The ultra-slim RAZR V3x is available in three colors: liquorice black exclusively through 3, ash silver exclusively through Vodafone, and cosmic blue available through other wireless operators.

In addition, Motorola announced the compact E1070 clamshell with the very latest multimedia capabilities and as the small yet powerful E770v candy bar, which is available exclusively at Vodafone.

“The E1070 and the E770v enrich the Motorola UMTS line-up with more ‘must have’ designs and ‘must do’ experiences,” said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola Mobile Devices. “We’re thrilled to be working with the world’s leading UMTS operators to deliver the promise and power of 3G to everyone. And we’re especially excited to deliver the RAZR V3x, which puts the ‘wickedly cool’ in UMTS.”

Motorola RAZR V3x
Weighing less than 130g, the Motorola RAZR V3x is an ultra-slim clamshell model that delivers an extensive range of impressive multimedia tools, including a 2-megapixel camera, real-time two-way video calling, still and moving image capture, and all in hugely popular RAZR design language.

Bluetooth® wireless technology, which supports wireless stereo sound through Motorola’s Bluetooth Stereo Headset, and an externally accessible Transflash/Micro SD memory card enhance users’ mobile entertainment experience.

Motorola E1070
The sleek and stylish Motorola E1070 combines amazing audio-visual quality with extensive multimedia capabilities to pack a powerful punch. Inside its compact clamshell form, the E1070 provides a 1.3-megapixel camera with digital zoom, enhanced Bluetooth support, externally accessible Transflash/Micro SD memory card and high-quality QVGA display and video.

The Motorola E1070 will be available through several operators, including TIM, Telefonica Moviles, Orange and O2.

Motorola E770v
The Vodafone exclusive E770v is a small and powerful 3G device which is both effortless and fun. Featuring video calling and a powerful multimedia engine, the Motorola E770v provides affordable access to the latest Vodafone live! Service, including up-to-the-minute news full-track music downloads, an increasing range of mobile TV services and content, as well as sports and other entertainment.

All three handsets will be available in Q4 2005. For pricing and local-market availability, please contact your local Motorola representative.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Review: Creative Zen Sleek 20 GB MP3 Player

Benny Har-Even has reviewed the Zen Sleek 20 GB.

Not an iPod beater in terms of style or ease of use, but for large hard disk based storage this is a respectable challenger. A colour screen would have been nice and software to truly rival iTunes would have been icing on the cake but this is still a very decent, if unexciting, MP3 player.

Read the whole review @ TrustedReviews

First photos of the Philips HDD 6330

One of the members on the dapreview-forum has posted the very first photos of the Philips HDD 6330.

"the controls take a little to get used to. with my ipod you atl east had some depressed holes you could feel your way for guidance. i don't think it's a big problem at all though. it's more something that takes a few days for your hands to get used to. this really is the most beautiful dap i've had. heads and tails above the ipod MO (and ive owned my ipod for 2 years). it's a stunning piece of work. my problems with it are almost purely software but that's probably a fault on my end. i highly recommend it."

Read more over here.


Sony Ericsson extends Walkman family to four with first UMTS music phone - the W900

Sony Ericsson today adds its first UMTS handset to the Walkman range of music phones bringing the total number of phones in the range to four. The W900 is a high quality fully specified music player, phone and imaging device capable of super-fast downloads of all types of multimedia – music, video and graphics. It follows the highly successful global market launch of the W800. Two previously announced Walkman phones are also about to launch, the W600 in the Americas and W550 in the rest of the world, meaning there are now Walkman phones meeting a broad spectrum of mobile music needs and price segments.

As a music player, the W900 makes it easy to import, transfer, manage and play music from operators’ over-the-air (OTA) music download services, allowing tracks to be downloaded directly to the phone while on the move and, from a PC when tracks have been copied from the owner’s CD collection.

“The W900, along with the rest of the Walkman phone family, will establish a new life-style habit of enjoying superb quality music and video and a full internet web experience on the move from a single mobile device,” says Rikko Sakaguchi, Senior Vice President, Product and Application Planning of Sony Ericsson. “In our first UMTS Walkman phone we have combined fast download speeds with superb sound quality and crystal clear 30 frames a second video recording and play-back in a really simple and easy to use device. The W900 will not only appeal as a music phone. The superb communications, multimedia and imaging functionality will appeal to all those wanting a true multi-media capable device.”

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