Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Kodak EasyShare V610: review

Jeff Keller has reviewed this digital camera from Kodak, the EasyShare V610.


- Ultra zoom power in a compact body
- Generally good photo quality and performance (though see issues below)
- Stylish metal body, well put together
- Large 2.8" LCD has good visibility indoors and out
- AF-assist lamp; good low light focusing
- Bluetooth wireless support
- Redeye not a problem
- Built-in panorama stitching (though see issue below)
- Perfect Touch feature improves photo quality at the push of a button
- EasyShare system makes it easy to "tag" photos for e-mailing and printing
- Tons of scene modes
- Great movie mode; zoom lens can be used during filming; electronic image stabilizer
- Very good software bundle

- Above average noise and corner blurriness; white balance system didn't impress in the studio
- Pricey
- 10X zoom range is not continuous: there's a gap between 114 and 130 mm (most noticeable when zooming in movie mode); takes forever to zoom through the full range
- Lens is slow at the wide-angle end compared to other ultra zooms
- Miserable battery life
- No image stabilization
- Four-way controller is too small and stiff; power button is hard to find
- No optical viewfinder
- Flash is on the weak side
- Original images not saved when using panorama scene mode
- Some manual controls would've been nice
- No USB 2.0 High Speed support

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