Friday, August 25, 2006


Olympus Stylus 750: review

Steve's digicams has reviewed this digital camera from Olympus, the Stylus 750.

The Stylus 750 digital is a point-and-shoot model offering a number of pioneering technologies such as Dual Image Stabilization, Bright Capture Technology and TruePic TURBO™ as well as a powerful 5x Optical Zoom that tucks away into a streamlined metal, All-Weather body design.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Sony Ericsson K750i: review

Today we’ll take a look at the Sony Ericsson K750i. This mobile phone, with a 2MP camera, steals the show with his nice design.

In the box you find the mobile phone, a manual, an extra memory stick duo card, an USB-cable and software.

The K750i has a typical Sony Ericsson design with the numerical keys at the bottom of the mobile and the joystick in the middle of the other service keys. Within the 2 function keys you find a new key: the ‘event’-key. There you can find the latest events, quick keys, light, … The front is the mobile phone and on the backside you have the digital camera and the light. The dimensions of the phone are so that it lays comfortable in your hand: 100x46x19,5mm and 99gram. The keys from the numerical part are very close together so they are more difficult to use. You can’t feel them very well. Some habituation is required. On the left side there’s the play-/pause button for the media-player and the memory slot. On the bottom you find the USB-connector which is also to connect the charger to.

On the right-hand side you find the shutter button from the camera which is well positioned over there. The volume/zoom buttons are also there. At the top you see the on-/off button and the infrared sensor.

Ease of use/sound
Because the numerical keys are so close together, it’s hard to send a text message (SMS) with this mobile phone. Especially fast texting seems to be difficult. For example: you need a 2nd or 3rd letter from a button, you sometimes need to try again 2 or 3 times, because the phone takes the first letter everytime. When you do it more slowly you have less troubles.

As well as to call or to listen to music the K750i delivers a very good sound quality. With or without the earphones, with or without handsfree, the sound is very clear and sharp. With the buttons on the right side you can change the volume.

The phone contains 34MB built-in memory and ships with a 64MB memory stick duo memory card.

Besides the 2MP camera this thing also contains a very good FM-Radio and MP3-player. You always have to plug in the stereo-earphones because it acts as the antenna. The FM-Radio is clear. When listening to the radio it is also possible to send messages, play games, … The telephone offers enough space for 20 prefixes. With the MP3-player it’s possible to build a playlist and listen to it.

Need to stand in a queue for a while? Start one of the three standard Java games: Aero Mission 3D, Puzzle Slider or Super Real Tennis. Especially the last one has a superb graphics quality.

There is also a full calendar/task function on-board. Here you can import different reminders or tasks. This function is mainly used to remind you of important dates and call reminds. Which I found personally a disadvantage and a missing element is the lack of a return reminder. For example a birthday reminder which returns every year. In the calendar function there’s also an alarm clock. You can let yourself wake up by the FM-Radio (plug-in the earphones!). The phone choses one of the radio stations from your list. An other possibility is to let you wake up by an MP3 or another sound.

The camera on this SE K750i contains a 2MP sensor and has 4x digital zoom. The quality from these photos are really good for a 2 megapixel camera phone. This is definitely one of the best cameras in its class. The lens doesn’t become dirty because there’s a cover to protect it. As soon as you open it, you can use the camera, also when he’s in sleepmode. The camera is easy to use, just turn it on its side and operate. The biggest photo’s which you can take are 1632x1224 pixels, with this size you can’t zoom. Reduce the format to 640x480 pixels or 160x120 pixels and then you can digitally zoom. Also a funny function is that you can adjust the camera to evening mode, day mode, close-up,… just like a real digital camera. You can also take panorama pictures and pictures with a frame. To take a self-portret you have to look in the mini mirror just under the lens, a handy thing so you are at least in the middle of the picture. One disadvantage is the reactionspeed of the shutter, it’s a bit slow.

The photo on the left is taken in a train trough glass on format 640x480. The photo on the right is taken on format 1632x1224.

Data transfer
Sending data to the phone or to your PC is done with the USB-cable, Bluetooth or infrared. GPRS connection is also possible. Loading pages is fast.

With a normal usage, the battery goes on for about 8 days. Charging takes about 2-3 hours.

The K750i is also somewhat water resistant. My phone accidentally slipped into the water and after letting it dry for two days with the battery removed he works again!

- FM Radio
- Great sound quality
- 2 MP camera with cover
- World clock
- Light
- Memory Slot
- Bluetooth

- No birthday-feature or return reminder function
- Hard to send text messages
- Numerical keys are to close together
- Screens gets dirty quick

This Sony Ericsson K750i is a nice, useful mobile phone with a lot of good features. It’s a successful combination of a mobile phone and a digital camera. As well as use and quality as design. It gets a beautiful 8/10

This is my first mobile phone review, comments are very welcome.

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