Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Sneakytje @ Pukkelpop

The next few days there will be no news added because i’m going to Pukkelpop. It’s a Belgian 3 days festival with headliners like Marilyn Manson, The Pixies, Good Charlotte, Korn, The Prodigy, Bad Religion and many more.
More info @ Pukkelpop website

From Sunday you can find again news @ Gadget Flash
See you soon,


Japanes company makes ‘Tankadoor’

For all who has enough from the casual doors, a japans company has introduced a door that lets speak your imagination. It exist of a big number of horizontal bars. With infrared sensors the door analyse the person who wants to go through an opens just enough that you can pas.
The price of the Tankadoor isn’t known yet.

You can find more information over here.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Pentax Optio S5z digitale camera

Ludo Schildermans heeft de nieuwe 5 megapixel camera getest en neergeschreven wat hij ervan vond. De reviewer geeft de camera een 3/5.
Hij is vooral erg handig door zijn kleine formaat, maar verliest hierdoor toch geen kwaliteit.
Enkel bij overtollig zonlicht laat het LCD scherm het wat afweten om een goed beeld op het scherm te toveren, doordat de camera geen optische zoeke heeft.
Lees de volledige review op diskidee

- afmetingen: 83x55x21,5
- 5 megapixel
- 3x optische zoom
- aluminium behuizing
- 2,5-inch TFT-scherm
- intern geheugen van 9,3MB aanvulbaar met SD geheugenkaartje
- batterij: Lithium-Ion herlaadbaar

Nokia N90 voted European Media Phone of the Year

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced that its flagship imaging device, the Nokia N90, has been awarded the European Media Phone of the Year 2005-2006 by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), the largest editorial multimedia organization in Europe. The award is an endorsement of the Nokia N90's industry-leading feature set, which makes it one of the most high performance devices in the marketplace.

Commenting on the award, EISA praised the Nokia N90 as a 'true best-of-breed multimedia phone, stuffed full of advanced photo, video audio and messaging features'. EISA also highlighted the Nokia N90's Carl Zeiss optics which 'endows it with serious photographic ability, including capturing and editing 2 megapixel digital photos and MPEG 4 352x288 resolution video.'

EISA is the largest editorial organization in Europe, with a membership of 50 Audio, Mobile Electronics, Video and Photo magazines all drawn from 20 European countries. At the end of June, all EISA member magazines came together for the election of the European awards. The panel annually chooses the best equipment in a number of categories from products introduced during the preceding twelve months.

Announced in April, the Nokia N90 is the flagship camera product in Nokia's newly launched Nokia Nseries range of high performance multimedia devices. The first mobile device to feature superior Carl Zeiss optics and a range of advanced camera features, the Nokia N90 meets the expectations of even the most demanding picture taker.

"The Nokia N90 has raised the bar for mobile devices and we are delighted to receive this accolade from consumer electronics magazines across Europe," said Tuula Rytilä-Uotila, Director, Imaging, EMEA, Multimedia, Nokia. "This award is also an endorsement of the strategy behind Nokia Nseries - to bring to market high performance multimedia devices which will make digital convergence a reality."

About Nokia Nseries
Nokia Nseries is a range of high performance multimedia devices that delivers unparalleled mobile multimedia experiences by combining the latest technologies with stylish design and ease of use. With Nokia Nseries products, consumers can use a single device to enjoy entertainment, access information and to capture and share pictures and videos, whenever and wherever they want.

Monday, August 15, 2005


UberGeek Alert: Das Keyboard Available for Elite Programmers

Elite computer programmers searching for a cool way to differentiate themselves from mere mortals need look no further. Das Keyboard, a division of Metadot Corporation, today announced the launch of a keyboard designed specifically for a certain class of geeks -- not just normal techies, but only those who have risen above the pack: the UberGeeks.

Das Keyboard is an enhanced 104-key USB PC keyboard equipped with blank keys mounted on precision and individually-weighted key switches. Since users cannot look at the keys while typing, their brains adapt and memorize the key positions, resulting in faster and more accurate typing. In addition to its unique appearance, Das Keyboard features five different levels of force required to activate its keys. Whereas most keyboards use a standard 55 grams of force to register each key, Das Keyboard's keys are divided into groups with feedback springs weighted differently, from 35 grams to 80 grams, which corresponds to the strength of the finger that touches the keys. The result is more comfort for the user's hands. Das Keyboard is built from premium keyswitch technology and its keys are factory-tested to withstand over 30 million keystrokes.

"Das Keyboard was designed for elite programmers who write sophisticated code under tight deadlines, someone who makes impossible projects possible or the person that colleagues turn to when they need IT advice," said Birgit Guermeur, project manager for Das Keyboard. "This keyboard is a must-have for gung-ho coders or gamers who want a keyboard that not only looks cool but accelerates their output rates."

Das Keyboard is compatible with all modern operating systems including Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Priced at $79.95, Das Keyboard is available now from the company's Web site at or from ThinkGeek, Inc. ( at 888-433-5788.

Das Keyboard is a division of Metadot Corporation, the developer of one of the world's most popular free, open-source portal server solutions. Founded in 2000, Metadot is a privately-held corporation based in Austin, Texas. For more information on Das Keyboard, log on to


Sunday, August 14, 2005


The Perfect Disc

LightScribe. Already heard about it? Handy, with this recent Technology your CDs and DVDs look like professional discs, because you can burn on top of the label.

It’s easy: you chose an image and write the text that you would have on the disc. The only thing that you have to do: buy a LightScribe-compatible disc. The DVD writer burns his disc like usual but when he’s ready, turn the disc and let burn a second time. Perfect and professional looks like you buy a CD/DVD. So you don’t have to bungle anymore with stickers or even terrible, with a felt-tip pen writing on top of the disc.

LightScribe becomes gradually standard. The newest PCs , desk and notebooks, have one now. When you recently buy a new PC, extern appliances will help you. LaCie has released this new DVD writer which you can burn your own professional label.

Besides he’s ready for the next generation discs, because he can handle a 8,5GB dual-layer. Included in the packet you find the full version of EasyMediaCreator7PC, a really excellent burning program. He also is being able to plus and min RW. You can plug it in on your PC with USB2-port. On a USB1-port it’s too slowly.



Sony Ericsons Walkman Phone W800i

This real MP3player has a 500MB HDD, good for 10 to 12 CDs. You can plug in a memory stick for more capacity. Taking photos with a resolution of 2 Mega pixel, just good enough to print them on a classic format, is no problem with this mobile phone.
Price: about € 469

Participate on the ultimate top 100

With the release of the new Walkman Phone, for Sony Ericsson the moment has come for this nice initiative.
Everyone all over the world can participate on this top 100. When you are driving and you always sing along with The Rolling Stones, or you like to dance on music from DJ Tiësto? Go to and vote your top 3 in the top 100. You just have to say why you chose this numbers and immediately you see where your favourite songs currently stay.
As from today you can vote 6 weeks on this site. When you do this, you make chance to win a Walkman Phone.

De results of this “Walkman Phones top-100poll” will be make known at September 28 all over the world.


Fly Pen

This magical pen, still only obtainable in the US, is more than just a simple gadget. It's actually quite useful and handy for students.

Why? Because the Fly-pen has an integrated camera which records everything you write on special paper. As soon as this little device known his master and understands his handwriting, he'll even correct the writer with his tiny speaker.

But there's even more: You don't know a word in French or Spanish? No problem, just write it down in English and the pen will translate it for you. However, whether it will be accurate that's another question.

You can also use the pen as a calculator, just write down the calculation and this gadget will calculate it for you.

It will be available in Europe too next year for approx. 75 EUR.


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