Thursday, June 15, 2006


MusicGremlin: review

Troy Dreier has reviewed the MusicGremlin. This MP3 Player/ digital music service uses a direct wireless link to a music store to cut out your P.C, he says.

- lets you download new songs to your portable without a PC
- music store has about 2 million tracks
- can connect to other MusicGremlins through Wi-Fi or ad-hoc connections and share music
- includes an FM radio

- music subscriptions cost $14.99 per month (otherwise, songs are 99 cents per track)
- only subscribers can share songs
- poor battery life
- merely 8GB of storage for $299
- requires open Wi-Fi connection to download songs
- FM radio can't remember presets
- doesn't work with Macs

Read more at CNET
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