Friday, March 24, 2006


Canon EOS-30D: review

Jeff Keller has reviewed this digital camera from Canon, the EOS-30D. This camera is one of those cameras that's evolutionary rather than revolutionary, he says.

- Excellent photo quality (with the right lenses)
- Very low noise, even at high ISOs
- Solid, well designed body; useful playback zoom buttons
- Large 2.5" LCD display
- Full manual controls, including nice white balance controls
- Robust performance, especially in terms of continuous shooting
- Great low light focusing
- All the expandability you'd expect from a D-SLR; two ways to attach an external flash
- USB 2.0 High Speed support
- Impressive software bundle; camera can be controlled from Mac or PC

- Images on the soft side straight out of the camera; some lenses just exacerbate the problem
- LCD not as bright/sharp as the one on the Nikon D200

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Samsung YP-MT6X: review

CoolTechZone has reviewed the Samsung YP-MT6X mp3 player.

I'm a proud owner of a Samsung YP-MT6X MP3 player. Let me tell you that this little guy has survived drops, being my cat's toy, while I wasn't paying attention and makes my DJ Tiesto albums sound great. Only problem: It's difficult to live with only 512MB on your MP3 player. Enter Samsung's YP-Z5 series. Designed to directly compete with the Apple iPod Nano, it’s available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB storage capacities, and comes in black and silver. As useful as all that memory sounds, this player boasts a very interesting feature: an OLED screen. Not only are OLEDs next generation technology, but they are supposed to be easier on your eyes as well.

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Monday, March 20, 2006


Nokia 7370: review

CoolTechZone has reviewed the Nokia 7370 mobile phone.

It's has a 1.3 megapixel with 8x digital zoom, FM visual stereo radio and EDGE tri-band capabilities.

Similar to the Nokia 7380 cell phone we looked at earlier, the Nokia 7370 belongs to the same product lineup. The L’Amour Collection consists of three cell phones that are selectively designed for the royalty, quite literally. These phones are far beyond the reach of Motorola or Samsung, as they posses a style of their own, something unique and never seen before. We don’t want to exaggerate, but with the L’Amour Collection, we don’t have a choice, seriously.

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