Tuesday, August 30, 2005


New optical discs remove data forever

Plasmon has presented new optical discs, which can remove data physically from the disc. This disc is based on Plasmon's own Ultra Density Optical format. The disc is now available for $65. The capacity of this is 30GB. The company aims to put a second generation disc on the market in the quarter of 2006 with a capacity of 60GB.
This UDO-discs are developed to rewrite and to store data for a longer time. On any particular time you can decide to remove the data, which is impossible with CD-Rs or DVD-Rs, and removing data from hard disks always leaves a trace too. But with this Ultra Density Optical disc this is past.
This discs make use of the phase changes between amorf and crystalline in the datastorage by means of a blue laser. The changes makes that the reflection of the disc diminishes on that place. By reading the discs are taking into account of this reflection, so the changes of a particular place on the disc to the crystalline makes that the data won't be readable anymore.
According to Dave DuPont, there is no possibility to get the data back. But by removing, the metadata won't be remove, so it is still possible to check what data is removed.
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