Sunday, August 14, 2005


Sony Ericsons Walkman Phone W800i

This real MP3player has a 500MB HDD, good for 10 to 12 CDs. You can plug in a memory stick for more capacity. Taking photos with a resolution of 2 Mega pixel, just good enough to print them on a classic format, is no problem with this mobile phone.
Price: about € 469

Participate on the ultimate top 100

With the release of the new Walkman Phone, for Sony Ericsson the moment has come for this nice initiative.
Everyone all over the world can participate on this top 100. When you are driving and you always sing along with The Rolling Stones, or you like to dance on music from DJ Tiësto? Go to and vote your top 3 in the top 100. You just have to say why you chose this numbers and immediately you see where your favourite songs currently stay.
As from today you can vote 6 weeks on this site. When you do this, you make chance to win a Walkman Phone.

De results of this “Walkman Phones top-100poll” will be make known at September 28 all over the world.

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