Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The Olympus EVOLT E-500 Digital SLR will be available in October 2005

Olympus introduces the new EVOLT E-500, the most full-featured digital SLR camera in its class of sub-$1000.00 SLR cameras. Designed to be used by all photographers of any skill level, the E-500's compact and durable body is packed with Olym pus innovations like the exclusive Dust Reduction System for spot-free photos, 8 million pixels of detail for bright and colorful images, a TruePic TURBO Image Processor for fast response time, and an oversized, easy-to-view 2.5-inch HyperCrystal LCD. Compatible with a wide range of Olympus Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses™, the E-500 delivers the versatility and power that are the hallmarks of a performance SLR, but at an affordable price.

Exclusive Dust Free Technology for Spot-Free Photos
Dust is all around us, and when swapping out a lens on a digital single-lens reflex camera there's a chance that a camera's electro-statically charged image sensor will attract micro dust that can ruin photos. Since the main advantage of using an SLR camera is the ability to change lenses for better imaging effects, Olympus has developed a way for photographers to enjoy the freedom of using all the lenses of the Olympus E-System in the most challenging, dusty environments without compromising image quality.

Detailed, Bright and Colorful Photos with 8-Megapixel Image Sensor
The E-500 is loaded with an impressive 8 million pixels of detail, for bright colorful photos. The 8-megapixel sensor gives photographers the flexibility to blow up their prints to the large sizes supported by many of today's printers, or crop into an image to print only part of the image that is important to them. Moreover, the image sensor in the EVOLT E-500 is a high-performance Full Frame Transfer KODAK KAF-8300CE CCD™ that delivers improved dynamic range, low noise to capture fine image details in the highlight and shadow areas, as well as excellent color fidelity for brilliant colors.

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Handle Light and Ergonomic Design
Creating an affordable digital SLR that most anyone can pick up and start to use is about making it easier to operate. That means menus that make sense and buttons on the body that are easy to understand and operate; adding automatic settings for every imaginable situation; making the LCD big and bright enough so you can review a shot without squinting; and making it less of a chore to get images out of the camera and into your computer or printer. Moreover, at just 5.09 inches (W) x 3.72 inches (H) x 2.59 inches (D) and only 15.3 ounces, the EVOLT E-500 is light and compact enough to comfortably shoot with all day.

5 Metering Modes:
- 3 Color Modes: Vivid / Natural / Muted
- A Choice of Two Color Space Settings
- 9 Black & White Modes
- 2 Red-Eye Reduction modes, on Flash and in Playback
- Dual Card Slots
- Support for High-Speed and High-Capacity Memory Media
- AF
- Simultaneous RAW and JPEG Image Recording
- Contrast, Sharpness and Tone Curve Controls
- White Balance
- Noise Reduction
- High-Precision Flash Control
- RGB Histogram Information Display
- Self-timer and Remote Control

The Olympus EVOLT E-500 Digital SLR will be available in October 2005.
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