Thursday, October 20, 2005


7 Ways GPS Can Save You Time, Money, Your Mind, and Even Your Life

by Simon Wyryzowski

Here are 7 ways to save with GPS:

1. Have a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost! Devices such as the Garmin Forerunner GPS provides a way to keep track of the time, speed, distance, and pace information for athletic activities. It also provides a way to measure the amount of calories burned based on a variety of customizable personal options and factors.

2. Save on Gas, brake wear, etc on your car as you drive more efficiently.

3. Find where you want to go faster: important business meetings, life events, but also to save your own time so you can use the balance to be with your loved ones.

4. Gain peace of mind knowing where your children are, whether your elderly parents have wandered off, or when and where your family pet has wandered off your premises.

5. Save money on your car insurance. Some auto insurance providers, in return for allowing them to implement GPS tracking devices on your car, can help you reduce your premiums.

6. Run a more efficient business with time tracking of employees and prevent lost company time and money.

7. And the most important reason is that GPS can help save your life from reckless driving, etc. Such as providing voice prompts when you are approaching your specific destination, warnings that you are going over the speed limit, advanced notice of potential accident blackspots, etc.

Two more bonus reasons on how GPS won't make a significant dent in your wallet

1. Don't have to worry about new models coming out every few months like the PC. 1 Decent model from Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance should last the typical user many years.

2. No monthly fees like internet, GPS Signals are free like radio waves. You just need a receiver. Advanced features such as tracking services are different (i.e. for your children, elderly, your valuable possessions, and your pets, and may cost a nominal monthly fee depending on the service provider and your needs whether commercial or private.

These are just some of the ways you can benefit it time/money savings as an individual. And just a few ways for you to get a good Return on Investment for your business.


Remember, that technology will NEVER subsitute basic common sense such as teaching your kids about personal safety, being a safe driver, etc. The best technology for all those starts within your own brain and senses. No matter what the big companies tell you, never let technology replace your own judgment but rather to complement and help refocus it.

Also just because GPS makes it simple to track your employees for instance, doesn't mean there are no human barriers to overcome such as the trust factor. It's important to explain to your employees in a manner that allows them to understand the business savings and benefits of incorporating such a tracking system, and is not designed to compromise their privacy and integrity. This applies to family members as well. If you think your family pet has issues with privacy then you may need to convince him/her if applicable.

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