Friday, January 06, 2006


BenQ Launches the FP72V+ LCD monitor

BenQ, today launched the FP72V+, a new, ultra-fast version of its “family friendly” 17-inch LCD monitor that is specifically designed for everyday family activities such as music, videos, learning, instant messaging and communicating with friends. In addition to its speedy 8ms response time, the FP72V+ provides several features that address the needs of the whole family, including eyesight protection, detachable Web camera for flexible placement, adjustable height settings, wide viewing angles and a swivel base for sharing content.

The FP72V+ offers a “family friendly” feature set that was designed with four concepts in mind: Protect, Share, Hands-on Fun and Novelty. The “protect” concept refers to both a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor based on the ambient lighting in the room and a timer that automatically lowers the brightness and contrast after a prescribed period of time. Both of these features help to ensure that users do not damage their eyesight from long durations of viewing. There is also a durable built-in protective film that helps safeguard the LCD monitor screen from scrapes and scratches. The protective film also helps improve the image quality of the picture on the monitor.

Regarding the “share” concept, a wide viewing angle and swivel base means that family members can easily turn the screen to show friends whatever is on the monitor. For “hands-on fun,” items such as the detachable Web camera enable the user to fit the monitor and its components into their living space in any manner that they choose. An adjustable height setting permits family members of all ages and sizes to access and view the monitor comfortably. The “novelty” concept pertains to the “robotic” shape of the LCD casing and silver metallic color that should appeal aesthetically to children.

FP72V+ Specifications
- ultra-fast 8ms response time
- a wide viewing angle (150 degrees)
- high resolution (1280 x 1024 SXGA)
- high contrast ratio (700:1)
- can display up to 16.2 million colors
- includes D-Sub
- digital DVI-D ports
- three USB 2.0 connectors

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