Tuesday, May 16, 2006


JSR 232 available for public review

Java Specification Request (JSR) 232, a specification on the component-based service-oriented platform for the mobile industry is now available for public review. This new platform is based on Java technology by OSGi, and it brings the benefits of component design to the mobile Java industry.

The architecture of JSR 232 allows developers to create, deploy and manage loosely coupled cooperating components into the mobile Java environment. The design center of the platform is similar to that of Java EE(TM) in that it provides a secure, manageable, structured environment for cooperating components. This structure is tuned for the needs, memory and performance characteristics of the mobile device.

As the next generation architecture for the mobile space, JSR 232 updates the simple monolithic environment of CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) to the same fully functional robust Java component environment that developers have come to rely upon in the desktop and server spaces. This new architecture will help insure that compelling applications and services will be available in the mobile environment, and that mobile services can evolve at internet speed to meet the needs of the rapidly changing environment at the network edge.

JSR 232 is also gathering support from many key players in the mobile industry. "Sprint is excited about the services and capabilities that JSR 232 and OSGi will enable in the next generation Java devices," said Paul Reddick, vp of business development and product innovation. "Developers will be able to leverage service oriented architecture in their application development to utilize plug and play components that can be installed or managed as needed on the handset."

Companies who are looking into technologies for mobilizing the enterprise also believe in this technology. "JSR 232 and its OSGi technology underpinnings are significant, they provide the standard approach for composite applications to install and manage new components and services across the enterprise and into mobile devices," said Craig Hayman, vice president of development and technical support, Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Products, IBM. "Our IBM Workplace(TM) family of products, based on OSGi technology, provides customers with an open and dynamic workspace that gives them the information they need to meet their business demands anytime, anywhere."

"The OSGi Alliance is very excited about its cooperation with the Java community on JSR 232. Bringing components and middleware to the mobile device will give Java developers the kind of power and flexibility they have been lacking in the mobile space. The new ecosystem for middleware services on the mobile device will create huge opportunities for the early players," said Stan Moyer, President of the OSGi Alliance.
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