Sunday, August 14, 2005


The Perfect Disc

LightScribe. Already heard about it? Handy, with this recent Technology your CDs and DVDs look like professional discs, because you can burn on top of the label.

It’s easy: you chose an image and write the text that you would have on the disc. The only thing that you have to do: buy a LightScribe-compatible disc. The DVD writer burns his disc like usual but when he’s ready, turn the disc and let burn a second time. Perfect and professional looks like you buy a CD/DVD. So you don’t have to bungle anymore with stickers or even terrible, with a felt-tip pen writing on top of the disc.

LightScribe becomes gradually standard. The newest PCs , desk and notebooks, have one now. When you recently buy a new PC, extern appliances will help you. LaCie has released this new DVD writer which you can burn your own professional label.

Besides he’s ready for the next generation discs, because he can handle a 8,5GB dual-layer. Included in the packet you find the full version of EasyMediaCreator7PC, a really excellent burning program. He also is being able to plus and min RW. You can plug it in on your PC with USB2-port. On a USB1-port it’s too slowly.


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