Thursday, September 01, 2005


Philips presents rollable display prototype

Polymer Vision, a subsidiary of Philips, reports that they will present a portable consumer device with a "rollable display" at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin, Germany, September 2-7. The prototype, called Readius, has a monochrome 5-inch QVGA display with four grey levels that can show maximum two images per second; colour screens with quick move images aren't possible yet.

The screen has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a high contrast, so it’s also readable in bright daylight.

The display is only 100µm thin and when rolled up has it a diameter of only 7.5mm. It also keeps showing the last image on the screen when you turn off the device.

On the IFA-exhibition Polymer Vision wants to check the wishes of the consumers and demonstrate the adequacy of the technology for the mobile market. Polymer Vision doesn’t want to put this product on the market by themselves, but they are searching for partners and investors. The first devices with this technology should be on the market within 2 years.


voice/videocalls , internet explorer ,instantmessanger digatalcameria / videocameria , movie/mp3 player sd/mmc reader and stroage divice, pda, gameboy and tv , this is the next step for the divice formaly known as the cell phone.
do you remmber whaen a phone was just a phone. lol

what will they think off next.
looks like some thing out of the jetsons.
now all we need are flying cars. lol
This is the next step toward e-paper!!
I think this is epaper.
Does anyone else find that eerily reminiscint of the iPod Shuffle?
I would like to have one of this
i cant wait 2 years, i want one of those NOW! dammit :(
oh well, at least it will be much better in 2 years time..
Прикольная штука! Когда наступит будущее?
This is the next step toward true mobile video phones. Wasn't this in a movie or sci-fi show recenlty?? Looks very familiar...or maybe that was just a dream. INever the less, can't wait to get my hands on one of these......
it looks like that communication device from "Earth: Final Conflict". i know, i'm a geek :)
I bet they did get the idea from Earth:Final Conflict. I have been wondering when they'd get around to building something like that. Sweet.
Digital Paper Rocks! I would like to see it unroll in two dimensions both side to side and up and down to cerate a truly BIG screen that fits in my pocket but can be unrolled in bed on a plane, etc! The ability to Keep the image alive after power off is a big plus! Can't wait for fast color too. I would definetly be an early adopter!!!
It's also similar to the flexible display they had on "Mission to Mars," where Val Kilmer is checking out some topographical images on the surface. That one however, was a colour display.

Hopefully those are just around the corner too.
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