Monday, December 26, 2005


Creative Zen Vision: M

Vr-Zone has reviewed this MP3Player of Creative, the Zen Vision: M. On the 8th of December 2005, we saw the launch of the Zen Vision: M, which I believe would be “battling” it out with iPod video market. From the looks, it does look impressive compared to the earlier review on the Zen Vision which seems rather bulky, he says.

- Sound is crystal clear
- Outlook is pleasant and light
- Longer hours of playback time for both audio and video ( 14hours for audio and 8 hours video)
- Built-in microphone
- Transferring of files are fast all thanks to USB 2.0
- PIM support
- AV support
- Themes can be changed
- 2 interchangeable power socket
- Able to plug and play even without the need to install the bundled software for organizing and transferring of files
- FM Radio Support

- Pictures are “blocky”. Lines and edges are not smooth
- Too much plastic
- Encoding of video files are slow
- Battery cannot be changed
- Lack of cables or connector for AV output
- Touchpad too sensitive

Read more at vr-zone
Hi, I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I am trying to get my zen mp3 players site up and running. At the moment I am concentrating on the Zen Touch and Zen Sleek. Sadly, the Zen micro does not appear to still be available from Creative.

I've certainly got some way to go before that site meets the standards of your blog.
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