Sunday, December 18, 2005


Technology connects paper with internet

Somatic Digital Announces TUI (Touch user interface)-Enabled Podcasting Development.

Somatic Digital announced the enhancement of its Publisher's Development Kit to enable podcasts.

As a result of this development, publishers can now tie a podcast to a paper-based text, supplement, or magazine. The reader can touch the page and a podcast can be directed to the reader's computer, and through syncing, to the MP3 player.

This development means publishers can enable digital content directly connected to their printed products with the TUI technology to be continuously updated. The podcast can serve as a supplement to the paper-based product affording new revenue opportunities to publishers and authors.

The ability of the TUI technology to access and download podcasts means the publisher can develop and maintain a relationship with the purchaser after the initial sale of the book, supplement, or magazine. This opens up new revenue opportunities while getting and keeping the publisher in the delivery of digital products to customers."
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