Saturday, December 17, 2005


Sony Walkman NW-A1000

Trustedreviews has reviewed the Sony Walkman NW-A1000. They give it an 8 out of 10.

The verdict:

Despite the software, this Sony player is still an excellent piece of equipment. Sound quality, gorgeous design, superb battery life and ease of use make it the best high-capacity digital music player from the big S yet.

But is this 6GB device better than a 4GB nano? The answer, unfortunately for Sony, is a resounding no, notwithstanding the advantages I've just mentioned.

The nano not only looks as good, it also beats the Sony in virtually every other category. It's smaller and has a colour screen, it has iTunes, it has Apple's unbeatably easy-to-use click-wheel interface, and though it is 2GB lighter than the NW-A1000 and a tad more expensive, the fact that it is a flash memory device makes it a more attractive option, especially in the gym.

Read the whole review here.
My wife was delighted with her Xmas present, I was delighted because it made choosing her present easy,.... Wrong! the purple box contained a black one, this ceased to function at all after two hours use.A replacement was duly issued at the store.
I also was not made aware that I actually needed to be more than IT literate to operate it. more software programs were needed and once diagnosed and downloaded from the internet, it began to work very well. until ten minutes ago when it developed a brain of its own, apologised, and declared that there was a system error.... ( No.031) and it was not prepared to work any more!!
I have had a quick look at sony websites but surprise, surprise, there is nothing to be learned there.
Sony have failed to deliver the goods twice following a clever advertising campaign and I am going back to the store to publicly stamp on their product and then steal an Apple i-pod.
If sony have anything to say, let them contact me, and I look forward to their fumbled excuses

Roger Bingham
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