Saturday, March 11, 2006


iRiver and Cowon at CeBIT 2006

DAPreview reported about iRiver and Cowon at CeBIT. They haven't show anything new? :

So after having strolled aimlessly for about 2 hours in a row, I decided to hunt the "big boys" down. Surely, iRiver would allow us to feast on their upcoming G10/V10/M20/E10/N12 goodness? And what to think of Cowon, which had made a decent impression on us during the Las Vegas CES with their 0.85 micro-hdd based iAudio 6... I was really hoping to run into something called the "X6". Well, at least they’ve introduced "WOMAN" support for all their units, according to their leaflet. Too bad they had to drop WMA compatibility, though.

Read on at DAPreview
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