Sunday, March 26, 2006


Sony introduces new MiniDisc-player

Sony recently announced a new version of MiniDisc players/recorder. The MZ-NH1 has a 1-line OLED display on one of the sides instead to display track information. The new model has added MP3 format compatibilitty and the original MiniDisc format and audio recorded live.

Now it's possible to use the player in combination with Apple-computers. The MZ-RH1 will come in Japan in late April for about $ 350.
That's great. I love minidisc, and Hi-MD are just heaven: 1 GB of free space on each Hi-MD media, and you can bring your entire CD collection with you with just few discs...
Then it also great as a recorder, from every possible source, and you can upload them to the PC, and manipulate the sound or whatever...

JUST GREAT!!!!!!!!
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