Monday, August 15, 2005


UberGeek Alert: Das Keyboard Available for Elite Programmers

Elite computer programmers searching for a cool way to differentiate themselves from mere mortals need look no further. Das Keyboard, a division of Metadot Corporation, today announced the launch of a keyboard designed specifically for a certain class of geeks -- not just normal techies, but only those who have risen above the pack: the UberGeeks.

Das Keyboard is an enhanced 104-key USB PC keyboard equipped with blank keys mounted on precision and individually-weighted key switches. Since users cannot look at the keys while typing, their brains adapt and memorize the key positions, resulting in faster and more accurate typing. In addition to its unique appearance, Das Keyboard features five different levels of force required to activate its keys. Whereas most keyboards use a standard 55 grams of force to register each key, Das Keyboard's keys are divided into groups with feedback springs weighted differently, from 35 grams to 80 grams, which corresponds to the strength of the finger that touches the keys. The result is more comfort for the user's hands. Das Keyboard is built from premium keyswitch technology and its keys are factory-tested to withstand over 30 million keystrokes.

"Das Keyboard was designed for elite programmers who write sophisticated code under tight deadlines, someone who makes impossible projects possible or the person that colleagues turn to when they need IT advice," said Birgit Guermeur, project manager for Das Keyboard. "This keyboard is a must-have for gung-ho coders or gamers who want a keyboard that not only looks cool but accelerates their output rates."

Das Keyboard is compatible with all modern operating systems including Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Priced at $79.95, Das Keyboard is available now from the company's Web site at or from ThinkGeek, Inc. ( at 888-433-5788.

Das Keyboard is a division of Metadot Corporation, the developer of one of the world's most popular free, open-source portal server solutions. Founded in 2000, Metadot is a privately-held corporation based in Austin, Texas. For more information on Das Keyboard, log on to


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