Sunday, September 04, 2005


Philip debuts Cineos Flat TVs

Having already revolutionized the television viewing experience with the original Pixel Plus and Ambilight picture enhancement technologies, Philips has made on-screen images even more lifelike and realistic with second-generation versions, being introduced on the latest Philips FlatTVs now going on sale.

Pixel Plus 2 HD pushes video processing technology to its limits, providing ultimate sharpness, true natural detail, brilliant colors and incredible depth impression. It almost doubles the processing power on improving HD signals, altering each pixel of the incoming picture to better match the surrounding pixels. The result has to be seen to be believed.

Ambilight technology already improves perceived picture quality and delivers a more immersive viewing experience. The technology analyzes – in real time – the incoming television signals and produces background lighting to match images displayed on the screen.

Ambilight 2 is a further evolution, adapting independently to colors on both the left and right of the screen (stereo). There is also improved light output, greater color saturation and four active viewing modes (Sport, Relaxed, Action, Personal). In addition, backlighting the television properly, with no glare, relaxes the eye and allows it to better perceive all detail and color present.

Philips’ Pixel Plus 2 HD and Ambilight 2 technologies are being in three new Cineos-badged LCD FlatTVs this year - the 42-inch (106cm) 42PF9830, 37-inch (94cm) 37PF9830 and 32-inch (81cm) 32PF9830. All three sets are HD ready*, with the 37- and 42-inch incorporating a 1920 x 1080p HD panel for the supreme high definition TV experience.

The Philips Cineos marque identifies a product line that promises to help consumers turn up their experience with the latest technology to make content so immersive and satisfying to watch and hear that it’s almost like ‘being there’. Cineos provides consumers with the latest innovation in technology, coupled with an unparallel audio-visual experience, which will allow consumers to escape into cinematic luxury.

Personalized viewing experience
Philips’ new Cineos FlatTVs offer consumers an attractive television experience that is also easy to live with in the home. The sets are finished in a high-quality glass and metal casing, mounted on a steel-effect plinth, which includes a motorized swivel action. Using the remote control, the TV can be rotated through 30 degrees, left or right, enabling viewers to choose the perfect viewing angle.

At the push of a button, a preferred position for the set can be stored in the TV’s memory, enabling the viewer to ‘toggle’ between that and the default setting. For further convenience and enjoyment of the set and its appearance, an extensive cable management system keeps cabling out of sight behind the rotating stand.

Philips Cineos FlatTVs are as easy to install as they are to operate. To make the installation process even more simple, Philips has designed an intuitive and interactive on-screen tool which allows viewers to set up the TV according to their personal taste. The tool consists of five split-screen stages; in each split screen the user can select their preferred setting for brightness, contrast, colour, skin tone and sharpness. This also adds to the comfort benefit delivered by Ambilight, as it ensures that viewers can set their FlatTV up to suit their eyesight.

The three new Philips Cineos FlatTVs with Pixel Plus 2 HD and Ambilight 2 go on sale in Europe from the summer onwards.
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