Thursday, September 08, 2005


Sony new walkman is born

26 years after WALKMAN created a revolutionary music lifestyle, the new Sony WALKMAN will now redefine it.

Simply called ‘WALKMAN’, the new digital music player from Sony features spectacular ergonomic design and an exciting range of intelligent features that allow the user to enjoy music in a totally new way.

Sony WALKMAN is a true extension of the user’s personal taste and musical preferences. At the press of a button, the ‘Artist Link’ function will search every artist, album and song stored on the device and offer suggestions of artists and bands closely linked to the genre of music being played at the time.

Sony WALKMAN, available in two capacity sizes - 20GB (NW-A3000) and 6GB (NW-A1000), also features two new shuffle functions. By selecting ‘My Favorite Shuffle’, the device automatically selects the most listened to 100 songs and plays them at random. The ‘Time Machine Shuffle’ function randomly selects a year and plays all of the songs from that particular year that are currently held on the device.

Featuring an advanced organic EL display (2 inches on the 20GB version and 1.5 inches on the 6GB model), Sony WALKMAN not only incorporates a range of great features, it also offers the ultimate in ease of use through an appealing user interface and fantastic visibility.

A Few photos:

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