Saturday, October 01, 2005


Fifth generation iPod appears probably this month.

According to Apple Insider will appear this month the fifth generation of the iPod with hard disk. Their sources says, they will make use of Toshiba's perpendicular recording hard disk, witch have a higher density and so a smaller physical dimension thanks to their at right angles magnet fields. Toshiba has at this moment 40-and 80 GB-versions in promotion in 1,8 inch-format, that are respectively 5 and 8 cm thick.

As well as a more compact design, the new iPod would have also a new click wheel take from the Nano. The persistenly rumors about video possibility's are also present this time, although this is just a rumour without hard proof. Dealers out of different countries reports that Apple the current iPods deliver it less and less and sometimes even not, something that's normally a sign that one is about to bring out a new version.
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