Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Nokia announced Voice-over-WLAN phone

According to Olli-Pekka Lintula, marketing manager by 'Nokia's platform division', all future Nokia-phones for companies will be equip with WiFi-functionality and still will be launched this year a business VoWLAN-phone. VoWLAN stands for Voice over WLAN and offers the user the possibility to use ip-telephony over the wireless network. In 2006 would come the first VoWLAN-phones for consumers available.

The phones with VoWLAN-functionality are dual-mode-phones, which means that they use the wireless network when it's available, but likewise can change over to traditional cell phone technology when they come out of reach of the network.

According to Lintula would settled 88 percent of the phone transfer by locale network. Of it will be cheaper, is another question. An important criterion therefor will be the standardizing of the communication between different networks. In 2009 there would be more than 100 million WiFi-cell phones, but there are only a few millions this year.
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